Click here to download report on independent trials conducted by French fishermen's cooperative OPBN - Normandie


The N-Viro Dredge has a lower catch of epifaunal organisms and an approximately 5 fold reduction of stones in the catches.

Bill Lart
Resource Development Technologist
Sea Fish Industry Authority

Having seen the N-Viro dredge for myself, I cannot help but be enormously impressed at its potential. Even the land-based trials show conclusively that the resistance of the N-Viro dredge is a mere fraction of that of traditional dredges, creating measurably less environmental damage to the sea bed while offering considerable fuel savings to any fishing boat employing this innovative equipment. The N-Viro dredge is quite clearly a piece of equipment that offers a win-win solution for scallop dredgers, and DSM ltd are to be congratulated on putting so much effort into its design and development.

Alex Ferguson

Having trialled the N -Virodredge I found it very impressive for many reasons. The environmental and catching benefits were expected, however the unexpected reduced gear costs and reduced fuel costs are a very welcome bonus.

Skipper Steven Girgan
MFV Susan Bird

With the price of steel and fuel increasing at an alarming rate and the ever increasing environmental issues, I believe the N-Viro Dredge is the future.

Skipper Ian Fletcher
MFV Rois Mhairi

We process the scallops from the St.Amant and since fitting the N-Viro Dredges, we can see a noticeable improvement in the quality of the scallops. The N-Viro Dredge produces a higher meat yield due to a reduction in damaged scallops compared to those caught by a traditional dredge

John King
Managing Director
West Coast Sea Products Limited