Operational cost comparison

A traditional dredge requires constant maintenance with replacement items such as bolts, nuts, paws, springs, eyebolts etc..
N-Virodredge™ does not require such maintenance with only the skids being replaced once worn which tends to be at about six month intervals depending on the type of seabed fished.

The sword or toothbars of a traditional dredge are replaced with spring tines on an N-Viro dredge. After several years of development the tines now out last a sword by about 50%.

There are other ‘hidden’ savings which only become obvious to the experienced N-Viro Dredge fisherman. These are due to the huge reduction in weight not being lifted aboard the boat at every haul due to the lack of stones being caught. They include savings on trawl warps which last much longer, less strain on lifting blocks, winches, conveyors and other tackle. Bellies last much longer also, in some cases (working sandy bottom) the backs are wearing out before the bellies!

Adding all this to the 25% saving on fuel the increase in annual profits are substantial.

As for wear and tear on crew’s backs...