Development of the N-Virodredge™

The concept of the N-Virodredge™ was first arrived at in 2013 and was initially in response to rapidly rising fuel prices and environmental concerns. Initial prototype trials were conducted and proved successful; full development was then launched.

It took two years of continual research and development to reach a functioning model. This development has included overall design, material choices, extensive in house modelling and design work and many, many hours of field testing. All of this has been followed by commercial proving where professional fishermen have purchased and used the dredge.

Many vessels from Shetland to France and now also in the USA, have been using the N-Viro Dredge for a number of years. The dredge is now a proven, successful dredge design which continues to be used  in Europe as a replacement for the traditional Newhaven dredge. The key development was with the sping tines, which have a long life without breakages.

The system is the most efficient and profitable method of catching king scallops, with high catches, many cost savings and much reduced effort, due to the lack of rocks in the catch.